Mourong Foundation

We are currently operating two projects under the Mourong foundation that are Mourong charity school and Mourong old age home.

Charity school– We are non profitable organization with sole transparent intention of educating and beautifying the lives of snubbed of unfortunate poor children of Bangladesh. Mourong work exclusively to gather poor children from different parts of the country so that they can be assembled under one organization. Mourong acts as bastion for these destitute children. We help these children by fulfilling both basic and extended need of these children. we impart free education and also provide them with the necessary things which are associated with education such as books, dress, bags, food and other such necessity which make life complete. Currently we are having class one, two and three for our children’s we hope to extend it by one new class with every passing year. Within this short span of time Mourong has managed to shelter and nurture 70 students of Dhaka, Bangladesh. We also keep focusing on the informal education or the co curriculum part of the children. For this we harbor and foster drawing, painting and other such skills which will eventually help these children to develop themselves to the fullest level. In our school we pays larger importance on addressing the serious problems which the children underwent in their past life so that we can counsel them and develop each child as opportunist and optimist rather than a pessimistic and weak individual.

My home Mourong : Our future upcoming project is Mourong old age home which we will be opening as my home name.

My home– Is pour upcoming project where we endeavor to provide shelter to old people who have now where to go. We care old people by providing them basic necessities of life. We focus on the key areas such as physical well being, comfort, specialization, relaxation, financial support, physical activity; probably everything whatever is required for sustaining life to the fullest level. There are endless old people in the Bangladesh who either don’t have anyone to take care of them or they are left by their children. These people are left to lead a life which is somewhere near to hellish life. Their condition is so severely pathetic. We hold zeal to help these unfortunate old people who have no other option. At My home Mourong we will be generating such environment where there life will be blessing, richer, fuller and full of positive things.